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  • NFTs are popular! Newsletters are popular! So why not an NFT business newsletter? Earlier this year I launched NFT Entrepreneur, a newsletter and related website focused on the business of NFTs. At the time I was exploring a number of writing options related to NFT business news and analysis. Now that I’ve settled in, I […]
  • We’re currently fundraising on Gitcoin Grants for expenses including hiring a WordPress dev! CryptoArtNet is participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 9 in the NFT category. The grant program went live today and runs through the 25th. Note: Early donors are remarking on the gas fees. If you’d prefer a direct donation there’s info at the end of this […]
  • New Beginnings by squirterer [Press Release Originally Published at PR Web, January 5th] The emergence of the crypto art ecosystem offers a new market for digital artists, collectors and traders. Now art investing is no longer limited to physical forms. The creation of the NFT enables digital art works to be uniquely identified, offered for sale and treated […]